We are a full-service company dedicated to providing complete care for your trees.

We can take care of everything from pruning and trimming to removal and stump grinding. You can always count on us when you need us. Serving Charleston and beyond, we invite you to call us today for all your tree care needs.

Tree Pruning

Our expert arborists at The Charleston Arborist specialize in the art of tree pruning. With careful precision and a keen eye, we shape and trim your trees to enhance their health, aesthetics, and structural integrity. Trust us to give your trees the perfect trim they deserve.

Tree Cabling

When your trees require additional support, our skilled arborists utilize tree cabling techniques. We strategically install cables and braces to provide stability, safeguarding your trees against strong winds and heavy branches, ultimately preserving their health and longevity.

Tree Removal

In situations where tree removal is necessary, The Charleston Arborist offers professional and safe tree removal services. Our experienced team carefully assesses each tree, utilizing industry-best practices and equipment to efficiently remove trees while minimizing any potential impact on your property.

Tree Preservation

At The Charleston Arborist, we are dedicated to safeguarding the health and vibrancy of your trees. Our utmost priority lies in preserving the long-term well-being of your valuable trees.

Tree Fertilization  

Our tree fertilization services are designed to revitalize and nourish your trees, promoting their overall health and vitality. We assess the nutritional needs of your trees and provide tailored fertilization treatments to replenish essential nutrients, enhancing growth, and increasing resistance to diseases.

Stump Grinding

Remove unsightly stumps from your landscape with our professional stump grinding services. Using specialized equipment, our team effectively grinds stumps below ground level, restoring the appearance of your outdoor space and allowing for seamless landscaping.

Tree Planting

Embark on a greener journey with our tree-planting services. Our team will assist in selecting the perfect tree species for your property, considering factors such as location, soil conditions, and aesthetic preferences. We ensure proper planting techniques, giving your new trees the best start for healthy growth.

Tree Inventory

With our tree inventory service, we offer a comprehensive assessment of the trees gracing your property. Our expert team thoroughly evaluates the health of each tree, diligently identifying any potential hazards or concerns.

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